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Friday, February 10, 2006

Congenial Fragrance

Another special moment of life,
I capture today to treasure
With lovely memories to cherish,
Amalgamated with joy and pleasure.

The sense of achievement and success,
Are not the only things to yearn
Eventually, peace and satisfaction,
Are the only wealth u earn.

Time u spend in friends,
Shall always make u glad
A thought and feel of the moments,
Shall cheer u when u are sad.

Of all the rights and choices,
On u, did God bestow
Was your selection of pals,
And u'll reap what u shall sow.

Its not what u get,
But vital is what u give
To be selfless and dutiful,
Is the righteous style to live.

Today is my best day,
Far from struggle and strife
I am enjoying to the fullest,
The luxury I call "Life".


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