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Thursday, April 04, 2013

Life - delusion


When my heart was delusional
I listened to my head
When head was too confused
and conflicting things it said

My mind could not think straight
Eyes – misty as they shed
I could not trust my ears
Hands quivered as they fed

When common sense betrayed me
The sixth – took charge, and led
While I waited for a miracle
Conscience shouted – I was blessed !!!

Hungry souls surround me
Love craves to end hatred
I am better off than so many
And goodwill needs to spread.

Life does bring thorny shackles
Amongst roses which are red
Live each moment like its Last
It’s a prophecy – very well said !!!

- Khushi

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Sea is our life

Sea Shanty - Sea is our life !!

Sea is our life
the way we see !!
fulfills our wish
and fantasy !!
Away from our home,
away from the bonds,
On board we are
one fae mily !!!

Sea is our life
and our fannnn-tae-see !!!

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Sunday, March 31, 2013

The love connection


Eyes full of love - you hug me tight
You hold my hand - and lead me to light

In your embrace - I feel your care
With trust in you - my fears I bare

With you I glow, and shine so bright
You are my angel, my valor, my knight

I look up to you, in awe - I stare !!
I feel so complete, precious and dear !!

-- Khushi

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

I take you for granted
and act like a bug
you calm down my fears
and give me a hug

your embrace is so dear
my worries you slay
My bestest of friends
Mom-Happy mother's day :)

-- Khushi

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ladies Night Out - Chicka time

The weather has been weird
with summer nowhere close
Outdoors will be nasty
So movie is what I propose.

You should dress all fancy
and show off best of clothes
Exclusive it is - for you
No babies and no Beaus !!

And dinner would be nice
in a restaurant somewhere close
Lets all forget those shackles
and play it as it goes :)


Sunday, October 10, 2010

No Second Chances

Too busy in the mundane
And excuses of the vast
We often avoid the effort
And the present turns to past

Wish we’d cared some more
As life isn’t here to last
Overruled by heavens above
We are helpless and aghast

People we take for granted
Are closer to the heart
Find time for that last call
Before death do us part!!

In loving memory of my dearest Mamu (Uncle) who left us for his heavenly abode today. May his soul rest in peace.
I was to call him today.
I wish I had done it sooner........
I wish I had known when it'll be too late !!


Too busy in the mundane

And excuses of the vast

We often avoid the effort

And the present turns to past

Wish we’d cared some more

As life isn’t here to last

Overruled by heavens above

We are helpless and aghast

People we take for granted

Are closer to the heart

Find time for that last call

Before death do us part!!

In loving memory of my dearest Mamu (Uncle) who left us for his heavenly abode today. May his soul rest in peace. I was to call him today. I wish I had done it sooner L I wish I has a second chance. L

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Monday, September 20, 2010

A complete cycle

Its here we’ll rise
And break through the crust
Its here we’ll shine
And we’ll bite the dust

A seed that grows
Into a tree so tall
And New life sprouts
From the seeds that fall

The shades of gray
Evaporate and evolve
They roar and they rain,
And on Earth they dissolve

Such is the cycle
Of life my friend
We soar high and high
And Succumb in the end

The lesson to learn…
Is to spread some cheers
And to live forever
In the memory of dears.

-- Khushi

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

I miss my India

Mujeh aaj bhi woh din yaad aata hai …………jab thodhi see anxious aur bahut enthusiastic………….main British airways ki flight mein baithi thi.......Pehli baar US aaane ke liye..........Fingers crossed aur mixed emotions……!!

Pehle pehle toh US badha atpata sa lagaa……

¨ sadhak ki side ulti….
¨ gadhi mein driving side bhi ulti……
¨ Yahan per toh Bijli ka switch bhi ulta ON hota tha………
¨ biscuit cookie ban gaye.......aur Petrol Gas
¨ 32 degree Fahrenheit sun kar 0’C waali thand bhi nahi lagti thi.

ek woh din tha aur ek aaj ka din hai …………samay ka pata hi nahi chala….padhaai aur phir naukri…….guzurte guzarte itne saal ho gaye….. yahaan ki tez raftaar zindagi mein kitni baar ghar ki yaad aayi……aur jaane anjaan maine apne aap ko aur masroof kar liya.

Dooriyan humein cheezon ki ehmiyat samjhaati hain.......aur inn saalon mein maine jaana……ki jis bharat ko main miss karti hun…..woh ek zameen ka tukdha nahi hai.
Main miss karti hun…

¨ wahaan ke culture ko……
¨ humaari roz marra ki zindagi ko……
¨ wohh sabzii waale ke gali mein awaaz lagane ko……
¨ model town ke chaurahe per lagi chaat ki dukaan ko……
¨ 3 kilometer ka raasta 3 ghante ke traffic jam ko……
¨ Gaadhi chalate huye non stop honk karne ko
¨ Ek haath ki jageh mein auto rickshaw ke naak ghusaa dene ko
¨ woh ghoomte ghumate bina phone kiye kissi dost ke ghar jaa dhamakne ko
¨ aur roz bhai se remote ke liye ladhne ko……

India ek desh nahi hai….ek sanskriti hai……ek vyavahaar hai……
humaare rom rom mein basaa ek ehsaas hai……hum jaahaan bhi rahein…na hum iss se alag nahi hain aur na hi yeh humse.......

Apne issi ehsaas ko aapke saamne kuch panktion mein prastut karma chahati hun.......I hope aapko yeh koshish pasand aaye.

Arz karti hun ::

Jab chidhiyon ke chehakne……..Sei ubharti thi bhor
Doodh waale ki khat khat…… Sharma aunty ka shor

Maa bulati thi neechei ………Ki naashta hai ready
Pocket money thi milti ………Jab khush hote da

University ke campus ………thandi hawaon ke jhonke
Badhi Maruti ke peechei ………Roz kutte jo bhonke

Gali waale Golgappe………Extra pani ki maangein
Tikki waale ki chaat………Tandoori woh taangein

Woh college mein gedhi………chai walei ka theila
Samose-Chhole ke order………Sab yaaron ka mela

Block buster ho movie………Toh college se bunk
Woh bullet aur Chetak ………ki sadhkon per jung

woh Archies ki Gallery………aur mehngei woh cards
Woh chui mui ke bear………Valentines ke Hearts

Second class ticket per ………Reserved dibbei mein chadhna
Aur upar ki berth ………Sei TC sei ladhna

Auto waale sei chhuttei………Paiso per jhagdha
Nukkadh ki dukaan ……… Per bargain tagdha
May ka mausam ….....aur dasheri woh aam
Holi ki masti .......aur thandayi ke jaam

Woh kullu manaali…...aur ooty ki waadi
Wohh nehru ki topi….. aur Gandhi ki khaadi

Pehli baarish ki boondein……..geeli mitti ki khushboo
Woh chai pakodhei ……. Khushi raam ke laddooo

Sarson ka saag ….. aur roti Makkyi ki
Desig ghee ka tadka…….na fikar Calories ki

Ab police ke siren hain .......chidhiyan hain khoyi
Safeway kee grocery hai……….kaandhon per dhhoyi

Har Sunday ka vacuum........aur rest room ki safaai
Ghar per thi aish…………..Yaad aati hai Baai

Woh mummy se halwei .........Aur champi ka laad
Nahi socha tha itna ………woh aayega yaad

Aati hain yaadein ......jab aanchal koi lehrata hai
Mann lalcha uthta hai…..jab india koi jaata hai

Hai kareeb iss dil ke …….Jai hind ka naaara
Har daulat se badh ker … mera watan hai pyaara !!

- Jai Hind
:: Khushi

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sands of Time

The Perky anecdotes….And taunting darts
Some golden memories……And hearty laughs
The moments you cherished and I did too.

The hectic schedules……And stressful time
The pressing deadlines…..and routine that rhymed
The busier you got and I did too.

This baffling life……And ups and downs
We cheered each other ……And acted as clowns
You said “I am here” and I did too.

With changing priorities…And changes in you
Bud seasons have gone….you bid us adieu
You said, “Please understand”, and I will do.

-- Khushi

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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Thank You JA


You don’t have a rank

you are special each way

you clear all my doubts

and push my worries away

Cant fathom that you are

As mean as you say ;-)

Your warmth and concern

Could brighten any day !!

-- Khushi

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Friday, October 30, 2009

Congrats CP

Heartiest Congratulations for

A decade so full

of beans and grinds,

of SKUs and scones

of the design that binds,

of PIM and locations

of daylight rewinds,

of cherished memories

and the Analytical minds !!

Happy Anniversary C P


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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Words to say
Feelings to sweep
Love to express
And promises to keep
A trivia inhibition
But a wavering mind
A selfish decision
And an act unkind
Sky owes him ……Some Empathy

Unspoken thoughts
Actions to justify
Direction to pursue
Notions to defy
Worldly reasons
Messed up heart
A faltering love
And time to part
He owes her ……An Apology

Unsolicited lies
Reality endorsed
Futile concerns
Betrayal exposed
Shaken trust
Baffled mind
Time to move on
Emotions to unwind
She owes him ……Forgiveness

-- Khushi

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Thursday, May 15, 2008



“You are crazy”, My friend once said

How can you laugh? putting worries to bed

I winked with a grin, And smiled away

To live life right, Is to live each day

Life isn’t a rehearsal, It’s a broadway show

Its here to applaud, Your act and your bow

The choice is yours, You have one chance

To sulk and slack, Or jump and dance

Not denying the fact , that crossroads confuse

Stand by your choice, There’ll be nothing to lose

Its noble and humble, So I follow my heart

Never a traitor, no betrayal on chart

My humor is barbed, But it takes me through

Pumps in the guts, And kicks out the blues

“I am crazy !!”, To my friends I say.

Love me for who I am, As its here to stay ;)

-- Khushi

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Count your life by moments


The true worth of your being
Is much more, than it seems
Your goodwill is contagious
Spreads faster than the gleams

Treading through sands of time
The footprints which you leave
Have led thwarted wanderers
To horizons and to achieve

Count your life by moments
When you put a heart at ease
When you relish in this trivia
Your worries begin to cease

You never get what you want
But always what you need
Love comes when least expected
And never when you plead.

-- Khushi

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Friday, February 22, 2008


When you’ll embrace
My shivering skin
My head shall rest
Under your chin
I’ll close my eyes
And let them weep
the tears of joy
and smile and grin.

Your warmth and love
Shall tear apart
The worries of my head
And soothe my heart
I’ll close my eyes
And thank the Lord
As happiness prevails
And sorrows depart

My dreams come true
With you by my side
I’ll hold you close
With nothing to hide
I’ll close my eyes
And leave this world
In you shall live,
my love...my pride.

-- Khushi

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Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year :)


January enters with a bang
tickles our senses deep within
gives us new dreams and hopes
and new challenges in life to win


February brings along the craze
Prompts to hold someone dear
Valentine season and mushy scents
To love fully and live in cheer


March brings the breeze so fresh
New leaves and blossoming buds
Announces arrival of days of spring
and grace our life with flower studs


April starts with playing pranks
Fooling pals and having fun
Fasting lent and Easter mass
Filing taxes and bathing in sun


May teases the sun to grin
Shine and spread around its glow
Rejoice in love and express it aloud
Unfurl the secrets and let them know


June flags and flashes the note
Barks aloud that summer is here
pledge to retain the natural beauty
And global warming to re-engineer


July begins the second half
Tells that time is ticking away
Its still time to make your resolve
And employ fully each new day


August brings the colors of fall
Reminding us the circle of life
What grows and lives finally rests
So live each moment in love not strife


September marches kids back to school
For lessons to learn and practice along
make them humble and make them wise
better the guild to which they belong


October declares this quarter is last
To trick or treat or work more hard
To believe the fact that good prevails
And evils perish and are caught off-guard


November brings the reason to meet
Families unite and together they dine
Festivals of lights and hugs to spread
To share and care and not to whine


December bells the message of hope
The star is shining and path is bright
Another year is waiting for you
To embrace and cherish, and make wrongs right.



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Friday, December 21, 2007

Trust only Hope !!

Don’t depend on others
Your hopes shall stem
You'll lose their sight
When you most need them

They'll be with you
When you are full of glow
The first dapple of dust
They exit before you know

There might be a lesson
But what should I infer
Stop trusting friends?
My heart doesn’t concur

My view is hazy in mist
Not transparent as a glass
Every day brings a hope
So I'll let this night pass

-- Khushi

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Monday, December 17, 2007


He took her by surprise
To a paradise near the sea
Gathered all his courage
And bent down on his knee

He held her hand to say…..

In your embracing arms my dear
Forever I want to be
Wanna grow old with you
Your 'Yes' is all I plea
I'll be your shield always
Till Lord sets my soul to free

Bedazzled as much as she was
Could hardly express her glee
Paved his way to her heart
He had found the master key
He set her emotions ablaze
And afloat his loving spree

Her lips were numb and silent
Eyes spoke the bliss of thee
Paramount was his exuberance
for in love with him, was she !!!

-- Khushi

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Saturday, December 08, 2007


You were so naïve at 4
So could not have a say
Dad signed you in that school
To study and play each day

Almost out of teens
You stepped out of that door
Was time to choose a career
And leap to rock the floor

Your trodden path from here
Was not forced on you with glue
Your first decision of life
Your heart prompted this to do

Not once but at zillion moments
You chose what you felt right
Stumbling and stepping all along
Take pride you soared this height

It’s not only your ambition
That gets you to the divide
How to pick your soul-mate ?
I wish they printed a guide

Life is full of choices
Let me put you on the spot
Your pick defines your spirit
So hit with your best shot

Your angel is missing in action
Or by a sway of wand she’d show
The sparkling image of your mate
Who’ll cause your life to glow

The pressure is again on you
And toughest choice to make
It might turn up a gamble
With your emotions now at stake

Would choose the temporal beauty
That vanishes with the skin
Or would you see the heart
And the love that’s there within.

Don’t be a prey to influence
Good luck for what you decide
A life later when you look back
Hope you cherish the lovely ride.

-- Khushi

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Journey of Life

Exuberant and jolly adolescence
Constantly on the move
Akin to the life of a nomad
Miles away from the groove

As diverse as the region could be
New schools brought new friends
To leave footprints in my life
With assorted psyche and blends

Fun filled was the daily commute
Anecdotes and amusing accents
The adjustments for the strangers
And humorous couplets for vents

The elder of the two was I
So folks were right to expect
I had to lead by example
For the little to learn and reflect

Sooner than I could realize
The years had just flown by
Now MBA and an arduous worker
Without a moment to sigh

Scores of hours each day
I play the numbers game
With an ardor to be the best
And earn the name and fame

With goals and aims set high
Yet grounded are my feet
In pursuit of her, am I
Who'll make my life complete.

-- Khushi

P.S: A friend's legend rhymed in ink here.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My Beloved


You drive me crazy
You drive me nuts
With you I am upbeat
And bounty of guts

My life is in tune
With your musical beats
I lay my hand and
You tread me to feats

Tall dark and handsome
You are all these and more
With you I go places
And so much I explore

With you I find solace
And the moments of peace
My roads are enlightened
And the gloom begins to cease

You take me for a ride
And scenic long drives
My love, my companion
My soul-mate for thrives

My enthusiasm and thrills
You keep them at par
You give me the comforts
You are my best car. ;)

-- Khushi

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Monday, October 08, 2007

Made for each other

Beautiful as a princess
Draped in shades of red
Decorated with gem’n jewels
In silk and zari thread

Embellished with grace’n aroma
Of Roses and autumn’s bloom
Radiating a sparkling glow
She stands beside the groom

As charming and cute is she
His charisma is spellbound too
Adorned with chivalry and reason
His types are rare and few.

They vow and promise with love
To befriend each other for life
And angels step down to the aisle
To pronounce them man and wife

May their love be forever
In sunshine and in shade.
Complete they seem together
For each other were they made

-- Khushi

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Friday, September 14, 2007

Silver Lining

There are times in life
When the days seem hard
We are wiling to succumb
When the troubles embark

The worries keep growing
They put us to test
We are about to give up
When we should give it our best

We pull up our courage
And look around our space
Miss the cheer leaders
Who vanished at our face.

We try hard to persist
And fight against the odds
Burn the midnight oil
And give our best shots

So close to the horizon
Still miss it by a chance
Fate seems a nemesis
Playing the Devil’s dance

Life thwarts us with failures
And successes to make us proud
With one rule to Remember
There’s a lining to every cloud

It’s just a fun test game
Where God is our coach
His delays are not his denials
It’s the golden way to approach.

– Khushi

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Nostalgic Beauty

The beauty so splendid
So innate and sheer
The view is nostalgic
Bedazzled with glare

Such a romantic place
Yes! I am here
I look beside me
But you are not there.

I crave to hold you
In my arms my dear
My heart beats faster
Your want I can’t bear

I close my eyes
Your voice I hear
I open them up
Down rolls another tear.

-- Khushi


Saturday, May 26, 2007

Soldier's Diary (Iraq)

Why am I here
Give me a reason

Is it for my mom
who is frail and weak
still stares at the driveway
awaiting for me in vain

Is it for my dad
Who cheered my games
And now hides his fears
Of not seeing me ever again

Is it for my kids
Who have just one wish
To play with their dad
In sunshine and in rain

Is it for my wife
Who gave me love
And now all I give her
is my dust and all this strain

Is it for the land
Where I was born
Is its freedom at stake
That I am suffering pain

I know I am a soldier
I fight for a cause
To save and to free
the innocent from chains

But who is the sinner here
Who is the enemy
Who is the captive
Who is the one to gain

Why am I still here
Give me a reason

-- Khushi

Thursday, April 26, 2007

My Angels

Bestowed upon me
By the loving grace of God
are some wonderful angels
Worthy of an applaud.

An abundance of strength and love
and full of embracing care;
are my Mom and Dad
who make an adorable pair.

Together they've stood always
against that could not be cured,
Shall Always look up to them
for all they have endured

Lord seemed really pleased
with a great deed i had done
When He gave me my brothers
who are loads and loads of fun.

Their love and care for me
surpasses anyone on this earth
the gems that they are
no one can match their worth

As generous as God is,
He looked at me and smiled
Blessed me with my Uncle
who's amusing yet so styled

My partner in crime is he
for cravings of the spice
my idol and my mentor
he's progressive yet so nice

I couldn't have had better
my relations of the blood
He graced me with His touch
and filled my life with buds

I don't crave for plenty
I can count them on my hands
they know me in and out
have scorched with me on sands

My fingers are always crossed
Touch wood is all I do
so thankful I am to Him
He made my dreams come true.

-- Khushi

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

1:1 with God

{one on one with God - Prayer to Thee}

I asked God for strength
And he gave me challenges
I would strongly face to win

I asked God for wisdom
And He gave me opportunities
I would see through the unjust

I asked God for care
And He gave me friends
I would selflessly care for

I asked God for humility
And He showed me the unfortunate
I would share my fortune with

I asked God for love
And He gave me family
I would love more than myself

I asked God for beauty
And He gave me flowers
I would grace the ambiance with

I asked God for wealth
And He gave me blessings
I would be content with.

-- Khushi

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A Love Story

A wonderful romance……a fairy tale…….
Matching interests and passionate songs…….
Endless talks and common visions………
Dreamy eyes and sleepless nights……..
Amorous hearts and restless minds ……
Engrossed lovers and teaser chums……
An impetuous proposal and a bedazzled yes....
A home of dreams and a castle in sand……
A bunch of promises and a series of vows……
A tidal wave and a gust of wind…..
An angry thunder and a furious storm…..
A misty vision and a shadowed trail…..
A clouded sky and a moonless night…..
A crash in the rocks and a shattered ship……
Two casualties and a zillion audience….

-- Khushi

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Whimsy wishes

A hundred days
Of knowing you exist;
A hundred hours
Of honest conversations;
If I sit and account; like seconds they flew by.

Forgetful as you are
For listing the mundane
Still detailed you could be
To plan with precision
If I sit and wonder; you are elite and rank high.

We always nourish our whims
That all is in our power
Shattered by a thrust of fate
We see He overrides all
If I sit and grieve; can't prevent a heavy sigh.

Wish it was only me
Whose efforts would do
My will would have been stern
To change the things around
If I sit and regret; I'll always be stuck on "Why"

Life is not a matter
Of milestones as we think
It's about the moments
We stop to smell the roses
If I sit and appreciate; the limit is the sky.

-- khushi

Monday, April 09, 2007

The blinking game

To shun away, at will, with pleasure
the droning routine of our lives
Venturing out for joy and leisure;
On zeal and passion, the heart thrives.

Eyes wander around, while trying hard
To figure the first instincts of the mind
Like puzzle, it joins then falls apart
Like needle in sand, so hard to find

From a distant horizon, comes a ray of hope
Fills the lonely heart with spring and bloom
In desire to relieve the dazing mope
Revive some love and slay the gloom

Amazingly then, fate employs another pun
It makes you play, the blinking game
Eye stares eye and you seem to have won
And a sudden blink makes love so lame.

The auburn eyes with radiance so deep
Are now cloaked with misty refute
The ailing heart, with nothing to keep
Learns a lesson and becomes astute.

-- Khushi

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Ever wondered......

If it does not have ‘you’
Then there exists no 'we'
It was always about 'us'
Never only about 'me'

We share the ideals and the whims
The chases and the charms
But Life is about the challenges
And to stand as one, against the harms

The ones I care about
Are my eternal pride
If you shun the concern
Then here’s a huge divide

I was constantly accused
Of vital information delay
And you skipped a mention
Of the assurances you would sway

All I ever wished
Was for you to stand high
Be there……forever
And not to say goodbye

For all that was left unsaid
And all that silence tells
I feel I wrongly assumed
You to be someone else

Feel sad for you to lack
The valor and the nerve
To face the legacy called life
And offer the abject your serve.

-- Khushi

Thursday, November 30, 2006



I feel you, inside my being
As a wonderful gift of God
Not enough room in there
I feel you move and plod

I feel you craving affection
In my arms I want to hold
This beautiful form of yours
Pure and glowing as gold

I feel you breathe so heavily
I take the sigh of relief
Am glad you are growing fine
In God, I invest my belief.

I feel you grow in size
Your health is all I ensure
I don’t care about your gender
My love, you shall allure

As close as you are to me
There's no one on this earth
Precious piece of my heart,
I am waiting for your birth.

-- Khushi

P.S: Dedicated to my "soon to be mom" friend. Her anxiety and excitement is wonderful. Giving birth is considered another life for a woman. Like a rebirth. Good luck my charming angel. May God bless you with healthy and a precious baby.

Monday, September 11, 2006

A Tribute - 9/11

A tribute to the brave
Who never pledged
Still went to the grave
In steel, got wedged

At home were we
watching their news
their smashed debris
being lifted by crews

They never saw
what lied ahead
audacious without flaw
they now lie dead

Martyrs were those
Who embraced the death
Crashed themselves in pose
To grant others some breath.

Their loss is unbearable
Swiftly ended their bourns
Their demise so terrible
For them, the nation mourns


Saturday, July 01, 2006

Marriage – what's it about ??

Its neither about who'll earn the bread
Nor about who'll bake it
Its neither about who'll wash the dish
Nor about who'll flake it
Its neither about who'll dig the lawn
Nor about who'll rake it

Its neither about which home you'll dwell
Nor about who'll elect it
Its neither about which stock you'll invest
Nor about who'll select it
Its neither about which car you'll drive
Nor about who'll inspect it

Its all about the chemistry you have
And how soon, you'll attain it
Its all about the concern you share
And how well, you'll sustain it
Its all about the empathy you enjoy
And how long, you'll retain it.

Its all about the wrong you admit
And how gladly, you'll correct it
Its all about the loosing trust you see
And how willfully, you'll resurrect it
Its all about the other's imperfection
And how knowingly, you'll respect it

Its about forgetting the "I".................. And still having your identity
Its about uniting as "We" .................. And attaining the sanctity

-- Khushi

Friday, June 09, 2006

Thy Lamp

Lighten thy lamp of judgment
Let judge the right from wrong

Brighten thy lamp of trust
Make my relations strong

Simmer thy lamp of hatred
Shower true love to cherish

Dimmer thy lamp of betrayal
Compel the evil to perish

Elucidate thy lamp of faith
Let grace and benevolence flow

Illuminate thy lamp of love
Lord, make thy creation glow

– Khushi

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

That’s what matters !!

Its nice to be trustworthy
How often do you trust ?

Its nice to be admired
How often do you admire ?

Its nice to be appreciated
How often do you appreciate ?

Its nice to be praised
How often do you appraise ?

Its nice to be heard
How often do you listen ?

Its nice to be cared for
How often do you care ?

Its nice to be loved
How often do you love ?

Its nice to be Humble,
After all, That's what matters!!!

Monday, April 24, 2006


With just a moment's pause
would like to put you to test
Amongst all the friends you got
Which ONE you'll call your best

Did I make you wonder
How well could you guess?
Who u bestow the title
Without ending in a mess.

Let me help you out
Go through your memory lane
Relive some lost moments
The decision would then be sane.

When the precision of your eye,
The optician's report shall show
Reason behind the twinkle,
Only the best one would know

The stethoscope used by medico,
Could gauge your heart beat rate
But who made it beat faster,
Best friend would recall by-date

To spy the cosmetics you buy,
The pharmacist would be our pro
But best friend would be the one,
We'd inquire about your glow

Any friend on list on blogger,
Knows what u post on the blog
The best one could write in press,
what goes on in your thought

Your monthly bill would point,
the salon that does your brow
Best friend would sense afar,
Surprises that make you crow

Your dresser stocks the cream,
You use to defy your age
Best bud knows the dream,
That wakes u up in rage.

The guy that makes u crazy,
The love that feels so pure
You'll rush to tell the Best one,
Even when you are still unsure

The world loves your smile,
Your success is cheered by all
"Best" stands by your failure,
And holds you, least you fall

The stress that makes you anxious
The crush who makes u blush
You bet your best would know
What makes ur adrenaline rush.

The best one is so precious
Undoubtedly its clear
Never hurt that one soul
Your heart holds so dear

-- Khushi

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Maitri dot COM

Maitri dot COM

Folks and friends
compel into disarray
"over 21 and Still single ?"
they force them to foray

To a territory so vast
dot com as the aides
Harmony, e-match or jeevansaathi
wherever the crowd cascades

A partner to find
Not a career to orient
They set out to foster
hopeful for life's ascent

Just a free account online
They put on their hats
Start browsing profiles
And filter out the brats

Zillions of options
Hundreds to confuse
Finally manage a list
To meet and choose

Some cool and trendy
But poor at household
Others great at delicacies
But not confident and bold

Click icon to contact
And pops up a note
"Be a premier member
And then send a quote"

Shell out a hundred bucks
Become special in the crowd
Start emails and chats
Some wink some pout

From far across miles
Couples meet and date
Who When finds "THE" one
Is destiny and fate

How good is the media
If authenticity is in doubts
It does widen the horizon
And offers diverse routes

Its not on this earth
matches are made up there
There's hope in HIM
Each HE made as a pair

Be on the look-out
Cheer and don’t frown
En-route is your love
To sparkle your Crown

-- Khushi

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Intrinsic Beauty

Intrinsic Beauty

Luscious are her lips that praise him so much.
Radiant is her skin that enjoys his loving touch
Gorgeous are her eyes, that reflect his loyal love,
Paramount is her beauty that depicts the heavens above

Tendered are her fingers that tickle his ghastly grief
Appease his awful pain, provide him the gentle relief.
Warm are her hands that hold his shaking hands
Comfort his hurts and worries, and act as soothing bands

Cleansed are her nails, which sparkle in his charm
Make his life colorful, bloom thy cherished farm.
Lengthy are her lashes that hide from him her tears
Shield him from the gloom, and offer fun and cheers

Shimmering are her arms, with love which do embrace
Shower the cuddled acceptance and reveal their ample grace
Thy stature is carved in marvel, which stands with strength 'n pose
Supports him thro' his life, and shields him from his foes.

Noble are her thoughts, in which he does reside
That’s the beauty he wants, in thy, he shall take pride.

-- Khushi

Friday, March 10, 2006

My Jealous Friend

My Jealous Friend

Let me introduce you all
To my dear friend
Who likes being cool
And follows the trend

Works with diligence
Tough tasks does he fend
Life of any party
Jumps in to attend

Indian or international
Finds it easy to blend
Minds his verb and language
Apologizes if he does offend

Always on look for good gals
Even tries to befriend
Got lucky for some dates
But sooner did they end

Envious was he
Wanted me to extend
My poem on a dear chum
On my blog had I penned

So this one is for him
I hope he will comprehend
Now he owes me big time
With interests and dividend ;)

-- Khushi

Sunday, February 26, 2006

“Just Friends ”

“ Why Can’t we be Friends only? ”

An invitation to a dinner, to a Mongolian cuisine
Thought I’ll try out, a place I had never been

A small group of four, I knew none but one
Still the aura was amiable, after the greetings were done

We all were so different, with personalities so unique
Still had so much in common, no lackluster and no geek

With a delectable meal, fun blasts hurting the gums

We exchanged our contacts, and acquaintances turned chums.

A startling surprise, was a dessert treat
Luscious frosty fudge, followed by a warm retreat

A warm Sunday morning, we got together again
A daylight-saving swap, caused mayhem - still sane

Saw an aquarium in ruins, still enchanting at its best
Last day before it closed, gloomy with final guests

Time flew by, we became good pals
Hung out often…..Dance, movies and malls

We grew closer, and shared a thoughtful care
From good to great…..rapport changed a gear

A sudden twist of fate, I didn’t see it come
His proposal for marriage….completely left me numb

It wasn’t a game, he was true at heart
I liked him a lot, but love wasn’t on the chart.

He said “Don’t hurry!! Give it a thought”
Whatever concerns you have, we can sit and sort.

Hours and Days, I did contemplate
It would be for life, not just a date.

He confronted me again; I think he had a guess,
With all honesty at heart, I couldn’t come up with a “yes”.

In grief, he took the hint…said glad that things are clear,
He can now move on, and stop holding me dear.

An irony it is, in a clash of “love” and “like”
Triumph for neither, knocked out in a strike

Around this jagged corner, I’ve lost a great friend
So kind and caring, both dismayed at this end.

Forgive me buddy, never wanted to give u pain
No words would comfort…..all efforts'll go in vain.

There’ll always be someone, for your wellness shall she plea
And savor this friendship…..and that someone shall be me.

-- Khushi

Friday, February 10, 2006

Hand of Thee

Clamber and conflict in life
Whenever makes me low
I feel the Divine Lift
With God's feet below.

As I proceed and endure
Valiantly facing the hurdle
I sense the glowing vigor
and touch of Lord's cuddle.

With vim and spark I go
to flag the conspicuous goal
and harp the sense of completeness
to the depth and core of soul.

When I envision a trouble
I sense that God is here
for me, to cheer and comfort
And I am never alone to bear.

Congenial Fragrance

Another special moment of life,
I capture today to treasure
With lovely memories to cherish,
Amalgamated with joy and pleasure.

The sense of achievement and success,
Are not the only things to yearn
Eventually, peace and satisfaction,
Are the only wealth u earn.

Time u spend in friends,
Shall always make u glad
A thought and feel of the moments,
Shall cheer u when u are sad.

Of all the rights and choices,
On u, did God bestow
Was your selection of pals,
And u'll reap what u shall sow.

Its not what u get,
But vital is what u give
To be selfless and dutiful,
Is the righteous style to live.

Today is my best day,
Far from struggle and strife
I am enjoying to the fullest,
The luxury I call "Life".


It's been so long
It seems more like a game
What's going on here?
A relation with no name

We talk and chat
Pull each other down
Don't care for the feelings
Pounce like a clown

I am not up for this…
Don't think it makes sense
When there is a vacuum
with nothing but offense.

Each time we talk
It reminds me of the past
It doesn’t feel good
and leaves me aghast.

No wound that can heal
No crack that can mend.
After what we had
I can't continue as a friend

Don't call or write
Don't bother me again
We'll now be strangers
With pleasure and no pain


Stable as I Stand
After facing a squall
Comes a gust of wind
And shatters it all.

Perplexed and jittery
Is the state of my mind
Just as I move forward
Memories begin to unwind.

Why does it happen?
That my heart rules my head
The fury and the exasperation
Shockingly, are left unsaid.

It’s not too hard to discern
And it’s not a fancy to foster
It is to judge the concern
And identify an imposter

What I need is not a vision
But an appraisal that’s just and mature
It’s something frail and ailing
That needs sheer love to cure.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

What went wrong ?

Am I too good for love
Or am I that bad
Why am I in solitude
so lonely and so sad.

Relations are the weapons
that stab me everywhere
Steal the hope of happiness
and put me in despair.

Its so easy for some
to love and then forget
no concern for emotions
their hearts are tough I bet.

The only words of wisdom
are those that clear the doubt
Take the road less traveled
To explore a different route.

Thursday, February 02, 2006


How true is the fact
its impossible to know
When to stay nonvocal
and when to show.

U may be the fearless
dauntless and bold
Atthe emotional front

In matters of trivia
You did stay engrossed
And now you are sad
Befuddled and crossed.

Its better to be aloof
And stay miles apart
Than to be the best of friends
Without expression of heart.

Your child is confused
Answer me My Lord
Why get a NO
When we most expect a nod.

Decision is tough,
My mind is perplexed
The vision is all gone
The issue is so vexed.

Feel senile and feeble
Hurts hard to let go
Why am I to reap?
That I didn’t sow.

Monday, January 30, 2006

The Difference

Now that I wake up, my mornings are not the same
I try to imagine, my visions are not the same
I recharge my brain, my thoughts are not the same
I freshen up my mind, my memories are not the same
I close my eyes, my dreams are not the same
I know why !!
You are the DIFFERENCE

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Bout of Grace

Like a bird I soared
To my first flight
Scared as hell
Mind full of fright

Befuddled I was
Anxious and Jittery
Puzzled, when and how
Would life be glittery?

En-route be an angel
Overhear my plea
Am beseeching, O' Lord
Bestow upon me, the spree.

Pleasant as a boon
Came into my being
Life full of happiness
I started foreseeing

Fanciful as a tiny tot
Secluded from the world
Lost in my dream land,
Like a ballet dancer, I twirled.

The feeling of someone close
Embracing me with love
Being cuddled in adoring arms
Is ardent like heavens above

Too good to be true
Crossed are my fingers,
If this is a dream,
Hope it eternally lingers.